About: Start Something College of Engineering


Train and develop the mindset, skills and behaviors of high-impact engineering entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and change-makers.  Our focus is on efficient and effective new product and process introduction.

Start Something provides a customer-focused approach to defining value in new product and process development.  By engineering solutions which create real value in the minds of customers our engineers will efficiently and effectively achieve success for their companies and themselves.

Our decisions are shaped by the aspiration to create meaning and impact; to be entrepreneurial in all that we do. This is the Entrepreneur’s Ethic.

  1. Make Things Happen – Be action-oriented. Play off your front foot.
  2. Invest for Tomorrow – Be future-oriented. Spend time and resources for long-term impact.
  3. Seek Truth in Everything – Be candor-oriented. Don’t be a fraud and don’t be afraid to call a fraud a fraud.
  4. Mentor in All Directions – Be teaching-oriented. Find a mentor and be a mentor.
  5. Be the Real You – Be authenticity-oriented. Be yourself and let others be themselves.
  6. Fail Successfully – Be experiment-oriented. Learn from mistakes and move upward.
  7. Solve Hard Problems – Be others-oriented. Find means to solve intractable problems.

Key Objectives

  • Entrepreneurial mindset and skills educational experience to every engineering student at least once a year for each of their four years.
  • Support to engineering students to innovate and build great entrepreneurial and/or intrapreneurial ventures.
  • Support to engineering faculty for the development of effective entrepreneurial mindset and skill experiences for their students.
  • Support to industry to engage with entrepreneurially minded students in developing new products and technologies on campus and within their companies.