(Spring/Fall by Dave Sly) A course designed to introduce, expose and coach students in Entrepreneurial thinking when developing new products, processes and companies.  The course stresses a new way of thinking, a set of skills and intense involvement in all aspects of learning and discovering a new field.  Students will be exposed to  opportunity identification, familiarity with a broad range of technologies, deep understanding of the specific technologies applicable to their field of endeavor, creativity and creative problem solving, competitive analysis, market research, communication, concept development, product development, evaluation (technical, market, business), execution (project management), leadership, strategy, marketing, finance, legal, negotiation, relationship building, packaging, manufacturing, distribution, sales, customer service, and development of effective work culture.

Entrepreneurial Studies minor

Entrepreneurial Studies is an interdisciplinary program that provides opportunities to students to learn about entrepreneurship – the process of creating value through recognizing and developing opportunities. It serves to complement the student’s major area of study, in any college, by offering a means of putting theory and science into practice.  Engineering students are encouraged to take IE 430 and 434 as part of their requirement to achieve this University-wide Minor in Entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation graduate certificate

Online or on campus in Ames.

The graduate certificate in entrepreneurship and innovation focuses on strategies and resources for launching new ventures. These include:

  • Core concepts for new venture development
  • How to position new ventures and innovations
  • How to secure financing, investors and customers
  • Marketing and growth strategy
  • How to address risk and market volatility
  • Legal requirements and recommendations for new ventures

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Entrepreneurship Independent Study Agreement Form

To be completed the semester you take ENGR 490E for credit.