We are working on forming an Entrepreneurial Steering group within CoE to help communicate, collaborate and implement a series of meaningful programs.  If you are a CoE faculty member, or someone who would like to help us on our mission, please contact Dave Sly at davesly[at]iastate.edu.

Meet the Fellows!

Two Objectives

Educate all engineering students on the importance of Entrepreneurial skills and mindset to:
  • Create and launch new technology and products to the marketplace
  • Share with them how successful engineers who have gone before them did this
Identify and Engage engineering students who wish to pursue additional entrepreneurial education:
  • Mentor and Assist them
  • Direct them to extensive eco-system of programs at ISU

Our Focus

Mindset and Skillset for bringing innovative new solutions to the market.

  • Intrapreneurship (developing successful new products/services within a company) and protecting that intellectual capital is emphasized as something all engineers should be exposed to.
  • Entrepreneurial skills for having students start their own business (when, why, how) is discussed as an option for which the Pappajohn center can help outwith.

2022-2023 Initiatives

  • Faculty Retreat Presentation – co-develop and present
  • Curriculum Committee/Student Advisor Engagement
  • Project Course Presentations (targeted to Freshman/Sophomores) – co-develop and present as well as mentor.
  • Fall and Spring Pitch Competition (recruit, advise, train, host)
  • Project Course Case-study Entrepreneurial Development
    • Developing market-driven requirements, prototype, evaluation
    • Economic viability assessment
    • Competitive assessment
  • Ignite Innovation Showcase/State Fair Competitions
  • Student Innovation Center Engagement
  • I-Corps Recruitment and Assistance
  • Participate in Monthly strategy/benchmark/educational sessions
  • Student and Faculty Database development (identify/track/communicate)
  • External events (KEEN, Kaufman, Startup-Factory, OEI, Cystarters, Pappajohn, etc.) – sponsorship/engagement