Dr. Kothari is a professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at Iowa State University (ISU) and the founding President of EnSoft. His research team has pioneered a novel technology for software analysis and verification using algebraic techniques that can accurately model almost infinitely many execution behaviors in real-world software. He and his undergraduate research assistant founded EnSoft Corp. in 2002. The early projects at EnSoft included a tool capable of mining relevant program artifacts from large COBOL software and a tool to automate the verification of the Boeing 737 autopilot. Over the years, EnSoft has developed software analysis and verification products for model-based development of safetycritical software in embedded systems. EnSoft’s products are used in virtually every major Aerospace and Automobile company in North America, Europe, and Asia, including Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Boeing, Ford, Chrysler, Airbus, Volvo, Toyota, Honda, Mazda, and 400 other companies. Dr. Kothari received his Ph.D. from Purdue University specializing in algebraic geometry. He has served as PI on multi-million-dollar DARPA cybersecurity projects. In a joint project with Rockwell Collins, he served as a Co-PI on the DARPA Software Enabled Control (SEC) program. Dr. Kothari received the First Prize, $25,000, in 2007 John Pappajohn Iowa Business Plan Competition, and the Prometheus Innovator Company of the Year Award in 2008. He has 25 years of research experience of reengineering legacy software. In collaboration with Argonne National Laboratory, National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), and EPA Modeling Research Center, he pioneered the technology for domain-specific automatic parallelization of legacy numerical modeling software. He has published over 95 technical papers, received four patents, and graduated 18 Ph.D. and 46 M.S. students. He has given over 140 invited talks at international conferences, universities, national labs, and Fortune 500 companies. He has served as an ACM Distinguished Lecturer. He led the effort to start the undergraduate Software Engineering Program at ISU and served as the Director of Software Engineering Program during the first four years from 2007 to 2011. He has held the Richardson Endowed Professorship in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at Iowa State University (ISU). He has received the ISU Board of Regents Professor Award for excellence in research, teaching, and service to the university.